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General Questions

Got a question about computers, computing, or information technology? Ask away and if we can't answer it we'll point you in the right direction. Simple questions are no charge, more complex questions regarding system configurations and requirements will be given estimates beforehand.


We offer on site tutoring for general computer usage and as much help as we can provide for any programs you may need help with. While we can't provide certified help for any software we can pass along all the tips and general computer knowledge that can help with any computer program. The nature of graphical user interfaces (or GUIs) makes every program look and behave in similar ways. We can help by demonstrating the commonalties between all programs and how that helps determine what you can learn from any program without even reading the manual. That's not to suggest you shouldn't read the manual, because we will always ask for the manual.

Tutoring rates are lower than the general work rate.

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