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PC Support


Have an old PC that could use an upgrade or you're thinking about buying a new one? We can answer any questions you may have and provide in the home support. Lots of times the problem can be easily solved without dragging everything down to the shop. Adding a printer can be a snap or a nightmare, we can help with the nightmare! Even setting up a computer can be a chore. We have the patience and knowledge to help with any computer hardware support you may need.

Microsoft® Headaches

Sick of viruses and not understanding just what the hell your computer is doing that makes it lock up yet again? We can help. We provide advice and training for using non-Microsoft products (you don't have to use Internet Explorer or Lookout Express) and if you are interested in Linux we can provide assistance.

By far the vast majority of viruses are passed along automatically by Lookout Express, and the default settings of all Windows operating systems help by confusing the average user. For example do you know what a file extension is? That's the part of a filename that tells both you and the computer what kind of file it is. Why is that important? Well if you think a file is a picture and you click on it and it turns out to be a virus program that wipes out your computer, that's pretty important. Microsoft Windows actually hides this vitally important information by default, supposedly to make things easier. If you ask me, hiding such information makes files far more confusing and everyone I've helped with this annoyance agrees.

This is a small example of the headaches I can help with, there are many others and I find more headaches almost daily. I am all too happy to help folks realize their computers are crashing because the software is poorly designed, not because technology is inherently buggy.

But is Linux really more secure?

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